Silly Billys

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Such a dream I had this morning
such delights could not be true,
of a lake spread out before me
water shimmering green and blue.
On the breeze a scent of freshness
sun shine bright to warm me through,
if I close my eyes and slumber
perhaps to lakeside return anew

If man stood up on a hill
grass long all through
at her waist a hand curved
holding tight two
headlong they'd tumble
rolling down through
within the tall grass
one rolling in two

I know now more nonsense
that should know better
but as more nonsense know
so amuse better

Acrobatics and aquatics
and other such like sports
give pleasure in the taking
as other benefits all sorts.
Their practice will improve much
skills on and off the courts
also in time of leisure as about
the day one goes comports

Though a teacup's enticements may be modest
refreshment one is assured most truly honest

If man had a pleasure garden
its true essence but in time
might come to know
beauty of its flowers
by passing seasons
flower blooming show.
Let him wander through the garden
over months and many weeks
perhaps hidden in the foliage
one day find the rose he seeks

Acrobatics and gymnastics
and other such like sports
be they a way to pass an hour
above all methods other sorts.
For what pleasure be the measure
in which mind and body do consort
how well they go together
in playing do comport

Acrobatics and gymnastics
as indeed many a sport
increase the measure of their pleasure
through regular training of diverse sort.
Whether in a sports hall
a gym or ball games court
tis the striving for improvement
through frequent practice we exhort

For the pomegranates ripened
lo the tree weighed down with fruit
let us go down to the orchard
hear the wind play on her flute

If man had him a seed what shall he do
but plant it and tend it as by seasons it grew.
And in passing the years flowers ripening fruit
give forth to new seed as saplings take root

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Such a dream I had this morning
such delights could not be true
of a feast spread out before me
delicious morsels through and through.
On waking, oh such despair,
when I saw the dream had vanished
and left the cupboards bare

How hungry I am!
To bed without dinner
and no breakfast either.
But tis not for a snack
that I wish
but to feast in one sitting
dish after dish

Dearie me but that was tasty, could I have a little more?
Though it’s rude to ask for seconds please forgive me I implore.
The sweetness there was so familiar, to place the taste I managed not
But nary just a sliver would so surely hit the spot.

Let us count the pennies wisely
for so few there be to spare
if we had more pennies
would not fret nary a care.

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