Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Such a dream I had this morning
such delights could not be true
of a feast spread out before me
delicious morsels through and through.
On waking, oh such despair,
when I saw the dream had vanished
and left the cupboards bare

How hungry I am!
To bed without dinner
and no breakfast either.
But tis not for a snack
that I wish
but to feast in one sitting
dish after dish

Dearie me but that was tasty, could I have a little more?
Though it’s rude to ask for seconds please forgive me I implore.
The sweetness there was so familiar, to place the taste I managed not
But nary just a sliver would so surely hit the spot.

Let us count the pennies wisely
for so few there be to spare
if we had more pennies
would not fret nary a care.

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